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Do people care about their answers being unaccepted when the OP decides to accept a different answer?
Accepted answer
23 votes

Admittedly, there are times when changing the accepted answer may annoy someone. Here are some circumstances: When the question is a homework question, the accepted answer is a well written hint and ...

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About not upvoted, answered questions
9 votes

Speaking of morality: When I was still a beginner at this site, I tried not to upvote a question that I answered, because the act of upvoting made me feel that I was desperate to seek attention from ...

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Is it bad form to answer a question using someone else's previous comment(s)?
4 votes

As GEdgar has pointed out in a comment (which is still here at the time of writing) to your question: Comments are intended to be temporary, to go away after a while. So by all means make them into ...

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Closing a question on comparing books.
2 votes

I also voted to close the question. I did read between the lines, but felt like reading a homework question that the OP has shown no effort. For example, the OP could have said that he had read the ...

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Should questions on (matrices) and (matrix-equations) be also tagged as (linear-algebra)?
-1 votes

Currently, I don't see any merit in using the "matrices" tag. Tags in MSE are not hierarchical and what should be regarded as "matrices" questions is unclear. Unless every "matrices" question is also ...

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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes (volume 01/2021 - 12/2021)
-3 votes

Question closed, reopened, closed again, deleted. Please undelete my answer to the question

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