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Asking questions in the same subject repeatedly but without flooding
Accepted answer
22 votes

There's a built-in hard limit on the number of the questions you can ask. As long as the questions you are asking are good, I see no reason why you should refrain from asking as many as you are ...

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Was I out of line?
17 votes

No, you were not out of line. If someone is trying to learn Fourier series without knowing calculus, they are in over their head. Their efforts will be useless. The best way to help them is to tell ...

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Mathematics in Spanish
15 votes

As an alternate suggestion, how about Spanish and French (and possibly other) language tags? That way speakers of those languages can filter for questions in their language, while English speakers can ...

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Does that count as defacement?
14 votes

When it happens to someone else's post, it's defacement. The edit should be reverted and the user should be instructed to post a new question. I don't think this is malicious, so punishment is ...

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What to do when you know who serial downvoted you?
8 votes

Nothing? I don't see the point in getting worked up over some meaningless number on a math website. In any case, you have tens of thousands of reputation points. A few votes either way isn't going to ...

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Why was the soft question on "Maths at university" closed?
7 votes

The same question has been asked a million times, and the answers are always reformulations of classic and easily available advice that can be found with a Google search. There's nothing really novel ...

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Asking multiple qual exam questions/"Checking" answers
4 votes

Standard practice is to post one problem per question. You're capped at 6 questions per day, so there's no risk of you flooding the site. Posting multiple problems per question results in really ...

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same person modified question using a different user
2 votes

Normally, yes. Substantial unauthorized additions to other users' posts should be reverted. However, the two users here are clearly controlled by the same person -- they have the same gravatar. No ...

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