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What to do when there are conflicting answers and I still don't know the correct answer to a question?
7 votes

Given that you are not OP of the original question, but one of the providers of the two incompatible answers (which both turned out to be wrong), the proper thing to do would seem be: to scrutinise ...

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Only one answer allowed: which one to accept?
Accepted answer
4 votes

By all means, if you found an answer that is more useful to you that the (maybe more profound) answers already given, write up that answer and accept it. There are probably many more people around who ...

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To the editors: strip "Proof", "Help", "Question", "Problem", etc. from titles on-the-fly
1 votes

I don't agree about proof/prove, as it may distinguish from merely asking about truth. "Is there a simple(r) proof of [some result]" seems a perfectly valid question title, and hard to strip of the ...

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