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David Hammen
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I'm a retired ex-ex-rocket scientist. Regarding the "ex-ex": I've left the space exploration community a couple of times over a 45 year career for greener pastures, only to come back (for a cut in pay; those greener pastures can be very green.) Once infected by the space exploration virus, it is impossible to shake. There is no recovery.

Regarding "retired": In January 2023 my wife asked if I could take the entire month of June off. I told her "fat chance of that happening, but let's talk about me retiring." She wanted to travel once again to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this time for a wedding on a beach. (My profile picture is very three happy dogs running free one of those beaches on a previous trip.) So I did just that and retired in early June.

I still participate at SE and SO, primarily space.SE, astronomy.SE, and physics.SE. This continuing participation helps keep the space exploration virus in check.

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