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What to do about an incorrect answer I gave years ago
5 votes

I almost never delete anything. There can be a value in having trains of thoughts which turn out to be wrong which you can explain why it's wrong to help others not fall in the same trap. Just make a ...

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How many actual mathematicians are here?
3 votes

There is probably a somewhat large number of MSc engineering graduates having gone back and specialized in mathematics applied for their field on PhD level. I am one of those, anyway. For more "pure ...

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Is selling a compilation of Math Stackexchange Q&As legal?
1 votes

As long as they respect the BY (attribution) and SA (share-alike) clauses I think they will be fine legally. That would require them to keep the user (name)s posting answers as well as questions tied ...

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Can one use a recently dead person's name as a user name?
-3 votes

I don't know what the rules on this are. I can only say what I think would be reasonable. In the nature of the Internet the information that the person has passed away may be unavailable to some ...

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