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Common acronyms used on main and meta
5 votes

Here is the link to the similar list at the English Stack Exchange site: https://english.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/147/list-of-common-abbreviations-noad-esl-pie See it to find out what TPTB ...

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Feature: a site for posting proofs
3 votes

This is a worthy goal, but, as Qiaochu Yuan points out, the SE network is not the place for it. A stop-gap measure, until sufficient supporting community develops, is to send a copy of everything to ...

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What is the site etiquette about (i) asking and (ii) answering questions in a language other than English?
-20 votes

There are only three (3) viable options on the language issue: continue to enforce the English-only policy, in which case you come off as insensitive allow any language, in which case you look silly, ...

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