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Tiger Blood

B.S Mechanal Engineering

I am a Masters stundent in Pure Mathematics at San Diego state. I have completed most of the program with Exactly a 3.00. Faculty did not award me a T.A position. They say it is competitive. I get it. They have people T.A that are in academic probation and probably got kick out the program by now. They also have Germans T.Aing and gettiing the best research. They are so superior in every way. I get it. I am so dumb. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND.

SDSU DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY RESEARCH IN MATHEMATICS.I have sumbitted applications to PHD programs. Faculty for the most part have not written anything.

I have to work. I manage to find a line cook position. It's like Hell's Kitchen. It is stressfull. The Last thing I want to do is to go back. Hopefully, PHD program says yes. AGAIN, SDSU DOES NOT PRODUCE MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH AND THEY LACK CLASSES, RESOURCES.

Let's say some faculty is angry at me. I have no problem switching to another program like Applied. I can change levels.

my instagram is @ hug4666. Instigram has been already been compromised so might as well evryone should have it.

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