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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes, etc. (volume 01/2015 - 07/2018 )
-9 votes

Undeleted then Redeleted, and now Undeleted again, and now Redeleted again, yet now Undeleted once more. And Redeleted automatically again, Mod-deleted. Please undelete this question. This was ...

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Proposal: Discourage questions that are nothing besides a problem statement
5 votes

Be careful what you wish for. Have you thought well about possible implications of your proposal? Here are some I came up with. (1) There are great many good questions containing nothing else than ...

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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes, etc. (volume 10/2012 - 12/2014)
2 votes

[REOPENED] for the 2nd time This question was put on hold because it shows no effort. I edited the question to show my effort. I hope it will be reopened.

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What is your opinion on questions when the answer could have been easily found on google?
11 votes

Here are relevant points. 1) Asking a good question is not necessarily trivial even if the answer can be found by Google. If the question never occurred to you, you would never try to find the answer....

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Closing questions that show no effort - official policy?
-21 votes

I don't agree with banning a non-homework question showing no effort. What if someone asks a question like the Fermat's last theorem without showing no effort? This is an exaggeration, but you get the ...

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Do we really want a [homework] tag?
-2 votes

I don't think the homework tag is necessary. I think everybody is learning by trying to solve a mathematical question, right? If this is true, I don't see much difference between homework and other ...

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Are we answering questions or teaching people how to answer their own questions?
-2 votes

I think answering questions and teaching can coexist. I cannot see why not. If the OP does not want a full answer, he can ignore it. EDIT Let me summarize the situation. (1) There are people who ...

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