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Is there a way to draw a graph (vertices & edges) in LaTeX on this website?
14 votes

If you know Mathematica syntax you can use Wolfram Alpha for simple graphs. Then post the image here:

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Understanding the community stand point on posts about self harming
6 votes

I'm going to get a little personal here, since I have experienced suicidal ideation. About 13 years ago, I found myself living on the streets because of severe depression. After a couple of weeks, ...

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How to retain posted contents for later reference
3 votes

If you need to view it only, use the browser's Save Page As... I do this for pages I need to study for awhile.

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Policy on using real names?
2 votes

I posted as 'Rudy Toody' until one of my posts was cited in an entry on OEIS. They prefer that the citations point to a real name, so I became real.

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Proposal: make the "interesting" tab the default on Math.SE homepage
2 votes

If you have a Math.SE button on your browser, simply copy the link in the OP and paste it into the button's properties.

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Name Suggestions for SE Blog
-2 votes

From Here to Infinity: The Mathematics Community Blog

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