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23 votes

What's the policy on answering a question where the correct answer is simply "yes"?

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Can someone explain the "economics" of StackExchange points?

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Proposal: ban verbatim homework questions which have no accompanying text

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What is the font used in Math.SE?

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Do we actually "welcome questions about: • Software that mathematicians use"?

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What do we do with so many similar combinatorics questions?

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2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

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Why do *you* answer questions on math.stackexchange?

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What is Math.SE?

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What have you tried? Is this homework? You will get more help if ...

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Questions about how to read mathematical notation

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Unsure on how to improve this question

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Is it possible to create nested lists?

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How do you migrate questions from Math.se to Meta?

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Was the latex font changed?

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Closing questions for no apparent reason. Again.

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Another questionable closure.

-2 votes

What is the purpose of the [pattern-recognition] tag?