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List of Generalizations of Common Questions
7 votes

Probability probability "Two Children Puzzle / Boy Born on a Tuesday" and variants: In a family with two children, what are the chances, if one of the children is a girl, that both children are ...

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Requests for Reopen & Undeletion Votes, etc. (volume 01/2015 - 07/2018 )
4 votes

Reopened On mathematical grounds, I'd like to voice that a mistake was made to mark this post #2766434 as a duplicate of this one from 2014. The linked older question in 2014 is the basic case where ...

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Examples of poor review audits
-2 votes

I failed the audit in the "Close" review queue when asked about this question post. After the revisions, it already demonstrates the asker's effort. It should no longer be closed actually, but I'm ...

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