Evan William Chandra

Undergraduate study : Pure Mathematics in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) with undergraduate thesis "Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations". Currently studying in : Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Department of Systems Innovations, Mathematical Science Division.

My research interest is in partial differential equations and ordinary differential equations, however, I am open to learn new things and new methods developed in pure mathematics.

During my undergraduate year, I studied elementary real analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, fourier analysis, and multivariable calculus. However, I realise that I still need to learn more and thus I am now currently studying in Osaka University to improve my knowledge in mathematics.

I have published one scientific paper titled "A Modelling on Estimation Of the Carbon Dioxide Emission from Vehicles Using Logistic Equation" together with my friends and lecturer.

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