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Hi, welcome to my profile page. Have a good day.

something something. Maths

My mail: [email protected]

Anyone can email me.

Check out pi-base, an useful topology database.

Some facts about me in case you are one of those nosy people.

My zodiac sign is pisces, I'm a straight cis male, an atheist, and I like learning about ancient people sometimes. I support lgbt. My favourite color is green because its a calming color, but it also reminds me of trees and plants, nature blooming with life. I'm not sure if I believe in any sort of creator, I don't think I do. If any exists then I imagine its different than what religious people are imaging. My approach to philosophy is that best thing to do is to not learn it from left to right, and create your own opinions and thoughts. I also suck at physics. I like anime though I don't watch it anymore, and I love movies with Clint Eastwood. From Dirty Harry to Good, Bad and Ugly, Fistful of Dollars and For Few Dollars More. It didn't air in tv when I was growing up, but I love Simpsons too. The only literary work I fully read was The Stranger by Albert Camus, who advocated for philosophy of existentialism. This fits with my observations, most of life is just a string of unrelated events without any structure to itself.

I try to be a nicer person than I am, because I believe that the only way to live is to get along with others, and I think everyone should practice kindness and understanding. Stay positive.

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