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My Rules for MSE

1) Be here to learn, especially when you teach!

2) Be kind and enjoy the site!

3) If rule 2 doesn't work, try again: Be kind and enjoy the site!

Mathematics — You’re killing it (23.10.2019)

It’s not often we get to reach out and thank someone individually for their contribution to a site, but we wanted to take this time to congratulate you for reaching 100,000 reputation on Mathematics! To be in the top, top rankings among the millions of Stack Exchange users puts you in some really elite company.

Hitting a milestone like this is a great opportunity to take a step back and remember what the points are really about. It’s not just the tens of thousands of community members who took the time to upvote your posts; it’s the uncounted millions of people — yes millions — who have also learned (and will continue to learn) from what you’ve given so selflessly. Once again, thank you for generously contributing your time, your passion, and your knowledge. You’ve made the Internet better for all of us. And for that, you should feel incredibly proud.

Robert Cartaino

Director of Community Development Stack Exchange Inc.

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