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Feedback on MathJax TeX rendering
0 votes

Looks good, definitely the way to go forward. No luck in Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 however (I get [Math Processing Error]) everywhere.

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Can't change your vote after an hour?
5 votes

You are allowed to change your vote only when a post has been edited since you last voted, or within several minutes of your previous vote. This system has had a lot of discussion in relation to Stack ...

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Irc chat channel to supplement the beta
Accepted answer
4 votes

I've gone ahead and registered the #mathexchange channel over on Freenode ( It's set up and ready to go... I'll probably be idling there while things get going. Feel free to start ...

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FAQ for math.stackexchange
10 votes

Q: What do I do if I don't get an answer to my question after several days? A: Wait a bit longer. If it's an advanced/niche topic, the answerers may just not have seen it yet! Set a bounty, by ...

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TeX math markup is sorely needed
1 votes

Agreed. I think everyone is begging for this feature. It's been requested numerous times on Meta StackOverflow, the latest one specifically for Area 51/StackExchange being here. Personally I would ...

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