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I am into my fourth year of Undergraduate studies from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, West Bengal, India with the major in the department of Electrical Engineering along with branched studies in Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Robotics. I have a keen interest in Programming mostly in C, C++, JAVA languages and have developed projects of my own as well. I have an inclination towards the building of bots, mostly semi-autonomous and autonomous robotics and have been learning Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality for a while now. Although I am an engineering enthusiast by heart, yet then I involve myself mostly in parameters concerning management related work and paradigms. I love to take some responsibility and maintain it to my fullest with all the effort required to get a good outcome of the same. I love to explore both scientific and human behavioral aspects and keenly study them. I find a lot of interest towards implementation of newer thoughts into old models and making them future ready for risk and change management. I love writing "terribly tiny tales" and poems and other short tales, and many of my works have been published on the Web. I take writing as the best amusement to cheer my soul and also lets me speak my heart out like scrambling ink on a piece of paper. Even though I am highly tech-savvy, I keep hunting for better communication skills regularly.

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