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Concern about lesser attention towards relatively advanced questions
27 votes

My personal experience and big sentiment is that yes, the level of Math.SE is falling. It would be great if "relatively advanced but not research level questions" got the same attention as it used to ...

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Pity Votes to encourage Participation
Accepted answer
14 votes

Don't upvote anything that is wrong. In the situation that you are describing, better give an encouraging comment pointing out the mistake. When the answer is corrected, you still can upvote.

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Is there a way to know how many posts I have edited?
10 votes

Go to any review queue and then move your mouse pointer over the badge progress bar. After a moment, you will get a box with several progress bars. At the "copy editor" bar, you see your number of ...

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What to do when my proposed edit is rejected?
Accepted answer
9 votes

If I remember correctly, there was some agreement that the homework tag should only be toggled by the original poster. I guess that's the reason for the rejection. So probably it's better first to ...

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Anyone seen a "honeypot" suggested edit?
Accepted answer
8 votes

Here is one:

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Why has this excellent question been put on hold?
7 votes

I have voted both for closing and reopening. Let's explain my motivation: I think there is some dilemma. On the one hand, we get dozens of standard questions hastily copied from exercise sheets, ...

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Why was this edit approved?
6 votes

I think many unjustified edit approves are provoked by the following causal chain: You can earn badges for reviewed edits (Custodian, Proofreader, Reviewer, Steward), making many users keen. To ...

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A question about the Tumbleweed badge
4 votes

Now I'm the "proud" owner of a brand-new tumbleweed badge. The award winning question had 23 views after 7 days. This badge marks a new low point on my fading enthusiasm for math.SO. People don't ...

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upside down question mark and question mark in Tex or MathJax
1 votes

I highly recommend the conversion of some unneeded key (a win-key is always good candidate) into a compose key. You can just type [compose] + [?] + [?] then to produce the unicode character ¿. Works ...

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