"Macbeth will never fall until the woods at Birnam attack Dunsinane Hill" W. Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I.

My about 100 answers and few dozen questions were deleted. Please stop bad practice.

In particular, my question "Does there exist a solution of that system of functional equations?" asked on September, 13, 2014 (see the screen ) has been deleted today 19.09.2015. The message about that has been just sent to Moderators by me.

Having received the following reply "Hello, The question was automatically deleted by the system because it was a year old, had a low number of views, and had no votes or other activity on it. These questions are considered abandoned and, without and further activity or votes on it, would just end up automatically deleted again tomorrow if we undeleted it now. Regards, Stack Overflow Team",

I leave MSE for an indefinite term. I wish 1000000 questions and 1000000 scored users for MSE.

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