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British Male in his 20s

Smartest1here is my inactive alt account.

Don’t bother trying to solve any of my unsolved puzzles from 2019-2021 they were all poorly designed and really impossible unless you get very lucky!

I am really green when it comes to puzzles (both in solving and creating) so I was being sarcastic. I became enchanted with them after making an account for this region of the web a few years back for a difficult IQ puzzle. I hope to use this place to improve myself as a puzzler in as many genres as much as I can.

List of puzzle genres that have become my favourites over my brief tenure here:

Riddles (especially affix riddles)
Grid deductions
Logical deduction
Number sequences with a cool lateral thinking logic behind them
Cryptic clues/crosswords
Connect walls
Easy cipher puzzles
Most puzzles with the Knowledge tag
Enigmatic Puzzles
Ravens Matrices or really anything iq test related! Sadly this genre isn’t really much of a hit here!
Anything CHESS related!

Puzzles that I tend to suck at:

Cipher puzzles with long texts to decode.
Anything that requires drawing something elaborate to find the answer. The visual tag is for this reason sometimes nightmare. (And for this reason too is why I hate Geometry!)
Anything requiring knowledge of mathematics beyond what one learns for Further math in A levels.
Puzzles requiring any programming knowledge.
What is an x word tm puzzles (want to solve at least one)!
Most puzzles to be brutally honest

If you design a cool puzzle or give a brilliant answer be sure to have my upvote…

That being said, some of my absolute pet peeves on PSE:

Puzzles that are NICHE!! For example, you need to be a combination of a marine zoologist who is a leading expert in deciphering the meaning behind echo frequencies of dolphins and a die hard retro gamer to solve this music puzzle which is the sound track to some some obscure version of Tetris in the 90s.

‘Trivia puzzles’ that just need one or two clever or very lucky searches on Google to solve.

Puzzles that are ‘Grindy’. That is puzzles that are ‘difficult’ because there is a lot to solve or information ‘you have to handle with care’ as opposed to being so because finding the underlying logic is tricky. One feels like one is just monotonously doing the same mundane task over and over- after maybe the initial aha moment, no more arises until the puzzle is completed.

Puzzles that are overly obscure or too open for various interpretations.

Puzzles where I have to use a magnifying glass.

‘/4&;!3!3!;!4!3&:’fndndndnensnfndn€>€$+~’~~ and so on for 30 more paragraphs. NOW WORK OUT THE CIPHER!

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