Digital Trauma

Professional Nerd

Achieved my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

While physics is the science of everything, mathematics is the beautiful, elegant tool, without which physics would be useless.

As a secondary-school student, I though I was some kind of mathematical genius. Studying mathematics at the university level soon put a stop to such grandiose ideas.

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Handle History

For my first few months on the SE network I was AtomicToothbrush. That was kind of meaningless. I soon changed that to DigitalTrauma. I like the double meaning.

Avatar History

  • First auto-generated avatar:

  • The unicoin theme for April 1st 2014 was fun, so I used a screengrab of that for a few days:

enter image description here

  • Then I hit upon this one which should be instantly recognisable to anyone who has spent more than a couple of minutes participating on any SE site. It has a certain positivity to it:

enter image description here

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