Sometimes one comes across content that has MathJax that does not render correctly. When it is a post one can edit it.

But what to do about comments that have MathJax that does not render correctly or at all?

Is there any way to fix broken comments?


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Moderators can edit comments. Thus, if one comes across a broken comment one can flag the comment "something else" and point out that there is broken formatting and request a fix.

This is perfectly acceptable and we usually will try to do what we can to restore the comment.

However, please, do not flood us with such request. Instead, focus on things you come across naturally where there is something relevant to be fixed. Problems that break the layout of the site or impede comprehending the comment are among the most urgent.

At the very moment there is a fair number of such comments around as there was a change regarding the scope of macros. We are aware of various recurring issues. ┬ĘPlease do not run a search and flag up all instances of something. If there is a recurring issue that you think needs to be addressed, please, raise it in general terms not via individual flags cast in bunch.

  • $\begingroup$ Since you have mentioned also the comments where this was caused by recent changes in the software (and which were rendered fine before the the scope of macro definitions was changed from the whole page to separate posts), I will add a link to a related conversation in chat and also to a separate chatroom where I have tried to find some ways how to find posts and comments influenced by this change. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 24, 2019 at 19:46

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