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How to search MSE for a formula? [duplicate]

I don't know how to search a formula in Math.SE. For example last time I asked a question about $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\left(n \ln \frac{2 n+1}{2 n-1}-1\right)$; but this question has been closed since ...
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Is there a page explaining how to use the search function? [duplicate]

I've been around here for a while, but I never really learned how to use the search function. I know there is a page introducing new users to LaTeX. Is there also a new page introducing users to the ...
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How to ask a good question.

How to ask a good question. This thread has advice on the following aspects of writing a good question on this site. Each item in this list links to an answer below about that specific aspect of ...
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List of Generalisations of Common Questions

Here is a list of generalised faqs to which other questions may be deduped against, split by topic (please edit the question). Arithmetic arithmetic Laws of signs (minus times minus is plus): Why is ...
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Enforcement of Quality Standards

Math SE has a long-standing policy regarding what constitutes a Good Question. The policy is intended to ensure that the collection of questions and answers here is of high quality, is searchable, ...
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List of other mathematics resources for the FAQ

In response to this thread, I am starting a thread to compile other online mathematics-related sites to give people places to look before asking a question. These should be included in the FAQ like ...
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List of chatrooms

This is a place where we could collect list of chat rooms associated with this site. There are several rooms which have potential to be useful if more users were aware of them or more users visited ...
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Announcing a third-party search engine for Math StackExchange.

Approach0 is a math-aware search engine. “Math-aware” means you can add math expression(s) as some of your keywords to have search engine help you find similar expressions. Check out here: https://...
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How to search for a formula/expression

Suppose I want to search for instances where an expression similar to $x_n^2-x_{n-1}x_{n+1}$ shows up. How would I do that? I suppose the question goes beyond searching MSE. Are there search engines ...
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Is there a shorter and more opinionated version of "How to ask a good question?" that we can direct new users to?

The advice in how to ask a good question is good, but reading through the whole thing takes a while and, IMHO, requires some familiarity with the site to interpret. It also presents the reader with ...
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Would "organizer posts" be useful/welcome here?

I believe that question/answer of this form: Q: Is there an online repository of basic identities/results about topic X? A: Many of such identities can be found with the proofs at math.SE, I'll give ...
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Can we have a feed of watched tags

On the questions tab can we have a filter feature (I mean like frequented votes etc) of watched tags. I am aware that the tags that I have watched are demarked in a different colour. But I would like ...
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Trying to ask a question provides better results than normal search.

I have noticed this interesting behavior several times now. Many a time I scour Math SE looking for a particular query but fail to find anything even after several rounds of rephrasing and ...
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How do you search for duplicates?

Sometimes I am really surprised how fast are the duplicates of new question found, given that we have vast amount of questions here. I hope posting this question here can be useful and can lead to ...
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How to browse or search comments?

SE is already very good in keeping each individual user's record on their questions raised and their answers posted. I am wondering is it also possible to keep track of their comments made too? Then ...
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