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What's with these "sangaku" geometry problems?

This morning I decided to whip out my phone and check out some new questions on the main site through my mobile app. To my surprise, I saw 8 questions, titled or labelled as "sangaku" geometry ...
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When does editing become over editing?

We strive that the questions and answers on the site will be as full and complete as possible, that is very understandable. We also want them to be as readable as humanly possible, whether it means ...
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List of commonly misspelled words

Judging by some of the posts on meta1 and comments posted there it seems that there are users who try to improve the posts by correcting spelling mistakes. Of course, there are other ways to improve ...
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Misuse of tag "divergence": How to deal with questions with the wrong tag?

According to the tag info of divergence, it is used when questions are about vector calculus. However, it is often tagged with convergence, at questions about convergence/divergence of sequences, ...
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Bumping old questions

What are the rules/guidelines for bumping old questions? (old as in 1 year or more) What is usually the maximum time before a question is considered too old to bump?
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Wrong spelling of "occurrence"

On Mathematics Stack Exchange, there are 30,436 posts containing "occurence" versus 3,287 posts containing "occurrence", although "occurrence" is the right spelling (in English and in French). I am ...
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Tag editing etiquette on old questions

Just now I went through all of the questions I'd answered in abstract algebra and tagged the ones related to group theory with the group-theory tag. Honestly I did this so I could get the bronze badge ...
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About the creation of a "Bessel functions" tag

I am quite new to tag creation, and I was wondering about adding the Bessel functions tag for related problems. I had already created a Bessel tag, when Asaf Karagila suggested me (just here) to write ...
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Is there a way to edit without bumping the question?

I'm a kind of person who like to see no flaw in the answers I posted here (I'm sure many of us mathematicians here share the same value as me to a certain extent). For that reason, I usually double ...
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“Minor edit” feature for trusted users

People frequently ask about the etiquette of making minor edits to many old articles, say to retag them, or to correct typography or spelling. There seems to be consensus that this is bad manners, ...
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Added the tag schubert-calculus

I have added the tag schubert-calculus and begun tagging the numerous questions that should have it. Though this is a highly advanced topic usually more suitable on MathOverflow, Schubert calculus ...
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Edit rejection -- "too minor"?

I noticed that sometimes a user decides to go on a huge minor edit spree (such as right now, a user edited 10+ posts with rather frivolously, mostly grammar but sometimes even just adding a dash or a ...
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Why so many Riesz Representation questions in such short time?

I was scrolling through MSE on the cell phone earlier today and these popped up: and the list went on. Is this an artifact of the search engine, or is there some reason for the sudden "interest" in ...
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Am I editing too much?

This is mostly about formatting. Whenever I see a post that does not uses the proper formatting somewhere on it I edit the post and add it. The problem is, sometimes it's a really small thing - or ...
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When using (summation) tag, should we remove (sequences-and-series)?

The tag summation was created less than a year ago, see "summation" tag for finite and formal summations Before that, post about finite sums were usually tagged as sequences-and-series. ...
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