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For questions about the 'follow questions and answers' functionality, where you receive updates about a post as if you were the post owner.

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What is the difference between following a post and bookmarking a question?

I'm a bit confused about the difference of following a post/bookmarking a question: Aren't they of same use? More specifically, what's the advantage of following an answer compared to marking the ...
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Notifications to followers of a question about its status updates (closed / open)

In my opinion, one of the most important functions of following a question should be to notify users its status updates. For example, say I encountered a question in the close vote review queue that I ...
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How to unfollow a deleted question.

I have just noticed I am following a question (, although I might have clicked follow unintentionally because I never usually follow questions. Anyway, ...
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Double notification when pinged on a followed post

StackExchange recently implemented a feature that allows users to "follow" a post in the sense that they get notified on every edit/comment below that post, as if they were the post owners. I find ...
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A way to "watch" questions?

I apologize if this has come up before on meta, because it almost certainly has, but I couldn't find it. I frequently come across recently asked unanswered questions that I find interesting. However, ...
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