I am relatively new to the MSE community. I wanted to know that if a person asks a question and then doesn't care to accept any particular answer, can a moderator accept an appropriate answer?

This would be helpful as people visiting the question would directly see the best answer and the answerer who has put effort into writing the answer will also be rewarded with reputation.

If this feature isn't there should it be implemented? Are there any negative points to it?


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Moderators do not have this ability, no one but the OP has (with the obvious exception of somebody that can "hack" the SE database directly).

As a rule, moderators are not judges about the mathematical substance of posts. Thus, it is not their role to decide which answer is best.

As mentioned in comments what to do about questions that are answered well yet do not have an accepted answer is a recurring issue, but moderators are not the most natural choice for this.


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