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For questions relating to the reputation tab in user profiles.

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Reputation graph: Could you add an option to see it in the old cumulative style?

Reputation graph: Could you add an option to see it in the old cumulative style? I would like to present this suggestion: current plot in the Reputation tab shows a plot like this one: But sometimes ...
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I cannot drag across the reputation graph

On my profile's activity page in the reputation tab, there is this smaller reputation graph below which is written select an area by dragging across the lower chart Using Chrome, this does not ...
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How can I find out why my reputation score decreased?

On a few occasions I find that my reputation score has decreased by a few points, presumably because an answer I once gave was down-voted. It would be nice to know which answer was down-voted so that ...
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About the message "User was removed"

Sometimes (rarely) the message "User was removed" appears. I read the given explanation: This message means that a user who voted for one of your posts had their account deleted (either by request ...
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What is the reason for this change of reputation? Reputation tab says "-2" and "removed".

About an hour ago, my reputation was decreased by 2. I was curious, because I usually do not receive down-votes. However, when I got on my profile page, I was really confused. What does this "removed" ...
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My post was never marked closed, but the reputation page said it was removed; what happened?

Earlier this month, I asked this question regarding the interchange between the summation and derivative in my given example. When I went to the reputation tab, I saw this: I went to the question ...
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Bug in the reputation tab of my own profile

When looking through the reputation tab of your own profile, there are bars for each day, and you click on that bar to get a list of all the reputation changes to your account on that day. However, ...
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Selecting a Link on the Reputation Page Expands/Collapses the List

There has been a recent change in the user interface that I think is buggy. When selecting a link on someone's reputation page, not only does it navigate to the post selected, but it also expands/...
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Where reputation disappears

Is there any possibility to deduce why 25 of (my) reputation disappeared probably this night? It is not the problem of reputation, but the lack of information is rather strange. On tex.stackexchange....
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Reputation decrease citing "User was removed"

I look at my account reputation changes, and noticed several negative reputation changes, both citing 'User was removed'. Is this behavior documented/explained anywhere. I would appreciate some ...
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