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Under what circumstances is it appropriate to delete a question that has received a good answer?

I would like to have a discussion about the following question: When is it appropriate to delete a question which has been closed as "missing context or details," but which has generated ...
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Interested in a question which is closed because of "no effort". What to do?

Let me first state my general opinion (see also this discussion on meta): To keep the quality and attractiveness of math.SE at a reasonable level, I think it is important to counter questions probably ...
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Do questions have to be "good questions" to not be put on-hold/closed?

I have seen many questions that have been put on-hold or closed with the message: "This question is missing context or other details: Please improve the question by providing additional context, ...
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Improving other's questions via adding solution attempts in the question [duplicate]

This is a bit of a puzzler for me and I'd like to try to work out what our community norms and guidelines are around this topic. Suppose user A posts a question which is a bit light on context. User B ...
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Historical lock for preserving old, low quality questions

The question Compute $ \lim\limits_{n \to \infty }\sin \sin \dots\sin n$ was recently closed (then reopened and historical-locked). I agree that, by modern standards, the question is not a good one. ...
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Is it good practice to analyse past questions by today standards?

It seems MSE moves in "eras". There are a lot of famous and insanely upvoted questions in the past which, by today's standards, would be regarded as dull and even really bad. But it seems a consensus ...
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Best way to "revive" a question (which does not abide by the Math.SE rules) [duplicate]

There exists a question which looks interesting to me, given that I scribbled some attempts to solve it and, in spite of the fact that it "seems" like an easy application of Rolle's theorem, couldn't ...
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Regarding the question on "Conics passing through integer lattice points".

I am making this post in regards to the ongoing delete/undelete skirmish (let's at least change the monotonicity of the use of "war"). The old version of the question is here, the current version (...
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Guidelines for context edits and rewrites

Suppose you come across a question that has been closed for lack of context, has high quality answers, and on its way to being deleted. Can you save the post by editing it to include more context? ...
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Reopening closed questions with good answers

I often come by questions that are closed because of lack of context, but that still have good answers. It can be questions that contain nothing more than What is this integral $\int \ldots dx$? ...
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Forum deleting questions and answers

It does feel to me that the moderators here go too far when it comes to deleting questions here. These are often questions that were quite interesting in their own right and received some good answers ...
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If I'd like to see a "do my homework" question answered, is it OK if I fake the OP's own attempt?

That's it, more or less. I came across a question consisting solely of the task, yet found it rather interesting. So I gave it a try, but failed. I am thinking about adding this attempt to the ...
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About edits of low quality questions

Lately I've noticed that lots of low quality questions with little to no effort from the OP get immediately edited by high rep users, making them more acceptable. A common case of this is: a new user ...
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Can I rewrite somebody's old question?

Before I ask question, I search it in history of the site. But sometimes I found a question which is an unreasonable rewriting of the content of the task, very often without own contribution. Such ...
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