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Just in case anyone finds the same issue, here's what worked for me: Select full-site version from your mobile and then Disable Responsiveness. It might not look that great afterwards, but it works.


This is being caused by the semantic enrichment (used in handling speech text and expression exploration). The enrichment is being confused by the vertical bar being used for "such that" in the set notation, and also for absolute values, and it is mismatching them. Apparently, it has moved the subscript from what it thinks is an open delimiter to what it ...


Proposal: Defining macros in the titles should be strongly discouraged and we should ask Stack Exchange to add them to blacklisted phrases in the titles.1 This would mean blacklisting: \DeclareMathoperator, \newcommand, \renewcommand, \def\ in the titles.2,3,4 Possibly also \let - as pointed out by Hagen von Eitzen in the comments. Here are some problems ...

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