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Does the moderator violate the EoQS?

Reason $1$ : In the mentioned question op doesn't provide any attempt. More generally we don't how how much op can understand. OP just give two statements and asked to prove equivalence between them. ...
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Does the moderator violate the EoQS?

Ok, so I'll try speak a bit candidly. While the EOQS could be phrased in whatever way, I feel the underlying idea behind it was to cut down on calculation heavy/ textbook example type/routine problems ...
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Enforcement of Quality Standards

Ideally, the EoQS gets a revamp with a proper manifesto/playbook with a more rigorous delineation such that the community's interpretation and upholding of it will become more homogeneous and ...
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Limits on self-promotion?

This is totally acceptable on Stack Exchange in general. It is also not really something enforceable. For a significant number of users, let's call them Category 1, having their profile marked with ...
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