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Why was my question downvoted, and why won't people give advice when they downvote?

I wouldn’t worry at all about a single unexplained downvote. Look for patterns as you ask more questions. On Physics, where I can see your reputation, you only seem to have one or two downvotes ...
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Why wasn't this question removed automatically from the HNQ list?

MathJax titles remove questions from the HNQ. However, after some incidents with users rolling back MathJax improvements to get questions back into the HNQ list, I've developed a habit of using the ...
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Why should this question asking the proof of a statement in a book be deleted?

I cannot creep into the minds of the people who voted to delete this question. But I want to poke at this with the following observations: The on-site search gives 220 hits about Cauchy's root test (...
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