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There is a very simple reason why we should not encourage posting about open problems by plain amateurs. If we allow just one, to be consistent we would need to allow a hundred. With the recent popularization (yet again) of the Collatz conjecture, we are already seeing a significant number of posts by people who do not even know what a mathematical argument ...


I'd like to propose a policy. Please upvote only if you agree that people should follow this, and downvote if you don't. No question should be deleted less than 12 hours after it was closed.


It is worth mentioning that close reasons are displayed differently to different users. You should see this: "Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers." However, users who can cast close/reopen votes see this: This question is missing context or other details: Please improve the question by providing additional ...


I've edited the question in question to have the words "codomain" and "range". Based on the comments here, there is no good way to definitively answer this question. Some say that "codomain" is a word only introduced in the context of category theory, whereas some have seen it sneak into the vocabulary of earlier curriculum. ...


I don't know about a canonical one, but here's one I wrote a few years ago, perhaps more suitable for an analysis student than a beginning calculus student. But the language is extremely plain and, I think, clear: Understanding the definition of the Riemann Integral It does at least have the pictures showing a lower sum and an upper sum and why they will (...


Since nobody has pointed out an existing one, I hereby declare the question What's an intuitive explanation for integration? to be the canonical such question, and ideal target for duplicate flagging, henceforth.

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